How to secure your retirement by investing in the Pinel Law ?

To maintain your standard of living and compensate for a potential drop in income, it seems appropriate to anticipate your retirement and it is never too early to prepare for it. In this specific case, the rental investment, mainly Pinel law, is to be considered. Investing in new real estate will allow you to build up real estate assets that will provide you with a regular financial supplement.

La loi Pinel

Supplementary income and retirement

Building up your assets by investing will allow you to generate additional income, useful for improving your quality of life. This provides some protection to deal with the unexpected, which can unfortunately strike each of us. In this, the stone is a safe haven, and the preferred investment of the French, for its durability and the security it represents.

Building up a heritage can mean investing in a property that you would like to live in when you retire: living in the mountains to breathe fresh air or even living near the sea. A long-term project, allowing you generate additional income and calmly prepare for this stage of retirement.

Preparing for retirement

Our pay-as-you-go pension system, which is based on intergenerational solidarity, does not currently have a bright future ahead of it. This is why good preparation is important in order to be sure to maintain an appreciable standard of living.

If we do not yet know what sauce we are going to be eaten, we are however certain that our income will inevitably drop. Indeed, the average replacement rate fluctuates between 50% and 75%. This is the percentage of salary that you will keep after retirement.

At the end of working life, the items of expenditure are no longer the same. The travel budget is decreasing, the children, if there are any, are generally now independent and very often, you have finished repaying your credit, if you have chosen to become an owner. But other expenses are to be borne, such as the increase in the leisure envelope, thanks to free time, the essential mutual, possible home services or even the possible retirement home. These items of expenditure can be very expensive and can put you in difficulty if they are not anticipated.

Buying a property to rent it out

Rental investment is often one of the first choices you think of when you want to generate additional regular and secure income. The main reason is that there is something for all budgets and for all profiles: from studios to family apartments.

Investing in new real estate thus makes it possible to build up a quality real estate portfolio, while reducing the savings effort.

In addition to receiving additional income, the other advantage of real estate investment under the Pinel law is that it allows you to reduce your taxes.

By investing under the Pinel law, an investor can detax 12%, 18% or 21% of the acquisition value of a new property, if he undertakes to rent it for 6, 9 or 12 years and while respecting the ceilings of rents and resources of the tenants provided for by this law. But it is the location that will guarantee rental demand for the duration of the operation and the potential for added value in the long term.

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